Guideline and Steps for using Mock Test Facility

Only registered members of Amir-Ud-Daula Public Library preparing for competitive exams can use Mocktest Facility

Please register at

Please mail following details to :

Name and address

Mobile number

Email address

Name of the Institute

Exam you are interested in

Your membership number of Amir-Ud-Daula Public Library

*After validation of your membership details, we will share you the passcode by email which is valid for 12 months from the date of activation.

Step to activate your account for using Mock Test facility 

Visit : 

Please click “Apply Coupon”

On top right corner, click “Get Started”

Validate yourself with OTP sent on your mobile and you are ready for taking Mock Test of your choice.

Registration is one time activity 

*Please use it on 2 devices only

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for details of access please contact :