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‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore

One of the most shocking plays produced in England during the reign of Charles I, ‘Tis Pity She’s A Whore chronicles the disastrous results of an incestuous affair between fatalistic Italian siblings, Giovanni and Annabella. As suitors vie for Annabella’s hand, various webs of deception and revenge intertwine, culminating in a bloody finale. (Summary by Elizabeth Barr) CAST LIST Bonaventura, a Friar/ Bergetto, Nephew to Donado: alanmapstone A Cardinal, Nuncio to the Pope AND Banditti: Algy Pug Soranzo, a Nobleman: tovarisch Florio, Citizen of Parma: Bob Neufeld Donado, Citizen of Parma: Arnie Horton Grimaldi, a Roman Gentleman: Ric F Giovanni, Son to Florio: Chuck Williamson Richardetto, a supposed Physician: Denny Sayers Vasques, Servant to Soranzo: Chris Marcellus Poggio, Servant to Bergetto: laurenburwell Annabella, Daughter to Florio: Elizabeth Barr Hippolita, Wife to Richardetto: Elizabeth Klett Philotis, his Niece: Charlotte Duckett Putana, Tutoress to Annabella: Amanda Friday Officer(s): Libby Gohn Servant: CaprishaPage Narrator: Kristingj

A Family Man

John Builder is a solid, middle-class Englishman. He is very domineering but finds that the women around him are insistent on living their own lives. They will not let him take control. His world begins to fall apart around him. Summary by Michele Eaton Cast: Stage Directions: MichaelMaggs Mr Builder: Adrian Stephens Maud: Jenn Broda Guy: John Payton Topping: Alan Mapstone Harris: Andrew Kennedy Camille: JennPratt Mrs Builder: WendyKatzhiller Annie: Michele Eaton Mayor: ToddHW Athene: Diana Helen Kennedy Ralph: Anthony Joseph Sergeant: David Purdy Moon: James R. Hedrick Chantrey: Mark Kilkelly Boy’s Voice: ksb013 Journalist: Sonia

Aladdin, Or, The Wonderful Lamp (A Dramatic Poem, in Two Parts)

This retelling of Aladdin in dramatic verse begins in the humble home of a tailor, whose son spends his days in idleness and brings his parents nothing but grief. Soon, however, this son is brought to a magical grotto, where he finds a great treasure which will bring him his fortune. This story will have some twists and turns that are almost certain to be different from the story you know. – Summary by Devorah Allen Cast: Tomas Peter: Aladdin Jenn Broda: Gulnare, the Princess Michele Eaton: Nurse to Gulnare Availle: Morgiana, Aladdin’s Mother Algy Pug: Soliman, the Sultan Tommy Hersant: Vizir to Soliman Adrian Stephens: Saladin, betrothed to Gulnare ToddHW: The Enchanter, Noureddin VocalPenguin: Hindbad, Noureddin’s brother Sonia: Spirit of the Lamp Phil Schempf: Spirit of the Ring Donzo: Selim Tindra: Slave Gerald Moe: Jester HelenaDiamandiz: Court Jew Diane Castillo: Old Man czandra: Second Courtier Chuck Williamson: Servant of the Court Anya: Captain of the Body Guard Eleonora Bettenzoli: Spider Kristine Wales: Voice of the Trees Linda Olsen Fitak: First Fairy Twinkle: Peasant; Second Fairy ambsweet13: Zephyr; Second Elf FreckleFriday: Bedreddin; Lympha, a Fairy Thoria: Master Mason; First Courtier; Deathwatch Pier: First Lord of the Treasury; Strength, a Giant Michael L. Hooper: Second Lord of the Treasury Tchaikovsky: Architect; Apothecary; Owner of the House Lydia: Zulima, Soliman’s Wife; Peribanou, Queen of the Fairies; Fatima Doug Fajardo: Sindbad; Grocer; Sentinel; Laborer; Headsman David Purdy: Ali; Casem; Goldsmith; Sculptor; First Elf; Good Spirits Devorah Allen: Nightingale; Melpomene; Female Bird; Beauty, a Fairy Alan Mapstone: Mustapha, Aladdin’s Father; An Old Jew; Ali Baba, an Astrologer; Coppersmith; Headsman’s Assistant; Minstrel; Male Bird; The Water Spirit; Wicked Spirits Wayne Cooke: Narrator

Alias Miss Sherlock

Dick Brewster is implicated in a murder and comes to his aunt’s farm to hide. His Aunt Sarah stands by him in his need and they all move to the city in the effort to clear his name. She investigates on her own account and…. – Summary by The Author Cast list: Lily Ann, Help at the farm: Devorah Allen Aaron Flint, the hired man: Alan Mapstone Mrs. Brewster, from New York: TJ Burns Helen Brewster, her daughter: Jenn Broda Leonard Fillmore, a young country lawyer: skypigeon Sarah Newcomb, sister of Mrs. Brewster: Availle Dick Brewster: David Purdy Henson, a butler: Adrian Stephens Ralph Deering: Matthew Reece Henry Markham, a detective: ToddHW Officer Higgins: Wayne Cooke Delphine: JgreenVO Stage Directions: MichaelMaggs Editing: ToddHW


“The history of Amphitryon and Alcmene, or rather the myth of the birth of Hercules, is certainly very old, and is to be found in the literature of different nations.” Under Moliere’s touch, it becomes “One of the most charming and natural comedies composed in French verse…. Sprightliness and vivacity abound in this comedy….” – Summary by Translator Henri Van Laun Cast list: Mercury, in the form of Sosia: Nemo Night: Eva Davis Jupiter, in the form of Amphitryon: Larry Wilson Mercury, in the form of Sosia: Nemo Amphitryon, general of the Thebans: Tomas Peter Argatiphontidas, Theban Captain: Jim Locke Naucrates, Theban Captain: alanmapstone Polidas, Theban Captain: Adrian Stephens Pausicles, Theban Captain: Leanne Yau Sosia, Amphitryon’s servant: ToddHW Alcmene, Amphitryon’s wife: Availle Cleanthis, Alcmene’s maid, Sosia’s wife: Sonia Stage Directions: Foon Edited by: ToddHW

Countess Julie

August Strindberg’s naturalistic one-act drama has only three characters: Julie, a passionate young noblewoman; Jean, her father’s ambitious valet; and Kristin, the cook, who is also Jean’s fiancee. The play is set on Midsummer Eve, when everyone is reveling, and Julie and Jean get a bit too intimate – with tragic results. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) Characters: Julie – Elizabeth Klett Jean – mb Kristin – Miriam Esther Goldman Narration – Availle Audio edited by mb

Faust II

Faust is the protagonist of a classic German legend; a highly successful scholar, but also dissatisfied with his life, and so makes a deal with the devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust is a tragic play in two parts. It is Goethe’s most famous work and considered by many to be one of the greatest works of German literature. Rich in classical allusion, in Part Two the romantic story of the first Faust is forgotten, and Faust wakes in a field of fairies to initiate a new cycle of adventures and purpose. The piece consists of five acts (relatively isolated episodes) each representing a different theme. (Summary modified from Wikipedia) Cast List Narrator / Stage Directions: Availle Mephistopheles: Algy Pug Faust / Plutus / Doctor Marianus: Dan Raynham Ariel, Herald, Peneus, Guardsmen / First Guardsman, Heavenly Host, Pater Ecstaticus: Bob Gonzalez Emperor, Gardeners, The Griffins / Second Griffin, Pater Seraphicus: Beirdo Squire, Page, Boy Charioteer, Homunculus, Euphorion, Chorus of Blessed Boys: Chris Marcellus 2nd Squire, 2nd Page, Wood-cutters, Fauns, Courtier, Pygmies, Pygmy-Elders, The Youths, Arch Cup-Bearer, Heavenly Host, Chorus of Blessed Boys: Elizabeth Klett Chancellor, Wood-Cutters, Atropos, Knight Banneret 1, Knight, Archbishop-Arch-Chancellor: Michael Bennett General-In-Chief. Gardeners, Learned Man, Chiron: David Lawrence Pulcinelli, Clotho, Fool, Wagner, Generalissimo, Lynceus the Warden of the Tower, Arch-Marshall, Heavenly Host: Wupperhippo Murmurs of Crowd, Treasurer, Satirist, Poet, Griffins, The Youths, Bully / 3 Mighty Men: John Trevithick Lord High Steward, Gardeners, Savage Song, Diplomatist, Dactyls, 1st Spy, Guardsmen / 2nd Guardsmen, Pater Profundis: Kevin W. Davidson Murmurs of Crowd, Astrologer, Lachesis, Tumult & Song, Erichtho, Dactyls, Nereids & Tritons, 3rd Guardsman, Wanderer, Chorus of Blessed Boys: bala Olive-Branch / Fancy Nosegay / Garden-Girls, Aglaia, Crowd of Women, A Blonde, Lady 5 / Younger Lady, Sirens, Maiden, Younger Angels: Vanessa Garcia Wreath of Ears / Challenge / Garden-Girls, Euphrosyne, Crowd of Women, Lady, Sphinxes, Dorides, Choretid 2, Want, Younger Angels, Magna Peccatrix: Kristingj Fancy Wreath / Rosebuds / Garden-Girls, Hegemone, A Brunette, Lady 2 / Young Lady, Ants, Dorides: Liberty Stump Mother, Alucto, Crowd of Women, Lady 3 / Older Lady, Chorus of Insects, Sirens, Sphynx, The Phorkyads, Choretid 6, Phorkyas, Necessity, Chorus of Angels / Chorus Mysticus: TriciaG Parasites, Fear, Lady 6 / Duenna, Chorus of Insects, Lamiae, Dorides, Speedbooty, Una Poenitentium / The Penitent: Lucy Perry Helena, Parasites, Crowd of Women, Sphinxes, The Phorkyads, Maria Aegyptiaca: Patti Cunningham Drunken Man, Tumult & Song, Chamberlain, Baccalaureus, Cranes of Ibycus, Oread, Psylli and Marsi, Holdfast / 3 Mighty Men, Lemures, Chorus: Kris Gannon, Braden River, Florida Megaera, Nymphs, Ants, Lamiae, Psylli and Marsi, Panthalis / Leader of the Chorus, Guilt, Mater Gloriosa: Charlotte Duckett Tisiphone, Nymphs, Chorus of Insects, The Arimaspeans, The Phorkyads, Choretid 5, Care, Angels / Chorus Mysticus: Kim Moses Prudence, Lady 4 / Oldest Lady, Nymphs, Pygmies / Pygmy-Elders, Choretid 3, Mulier Samaritana: Lani Small Hope,The Arimaspeans, Lamiae / Empusa, Choretid 1: Miss Avarice Zoilo-Thersites, Sphinxes, Dryad, Galatea, Choretid 4, Baucis, More Perfect Angels: Amy Gramour The Starveling / Avarice, Giants, Knight Banneret 2 / Knight 2, Famulus, Griffins, Manto, Nereids and Tritons, Telchines, 2nd Spy, Philemon: Herman Roskams Savage Song / Satyr, Second Chamberlain, Seismos, Proteus, Guardsmen/Fourth Guardsman, Lemur: Jason Mills Fauns, Gnomes / Deputation of Gnomes, Architect, Emmets, Thales, Arch-Chamberlain, Chorus of Angels / Angels / Chorus Mysticus: Andy Cotterly Gnomes / Deputation of Gnomes, Anaxagoras, The Youths, Havequick / 3 Mighty Men, More Perfect Angels: ToddHW Savage Song, Giants, Emmets, Nereus, Ar

Favourite Scenes From Shakespeare

In 2012, the World Shakespeare Festival surveyed Britons as to their favourite plays by Shakespeare. This collection consists of 21 scenes from the most popular plays written by arguably the greatest writer in the English language, possibly any language. It is an homage to the Bard in celebration of the 400th anniversary of his death in 1616 — the Shakespeare Quadricentennial. – Summary by John Burlinson Roles performed by: Beth Thomas, Michele Eaton, Sonia, Tony Addison and John Burlinson Editing done mainly by Michele Eaton and John Burlinson

One-Act Play Collection 001

LibriVox?s One-Act Play Collection 001 includes one-act plays in the public domain read by a variety of LibriVox members.

One-Act Play Collection 003

This collection of ten one-act dramas features plays by Edward Goodman, Alice Gerstenberg, Arnold Bennett, John Galsworthy, Anton Chekhov, Frank Wedekind, Moliere, Theresa Helburn, John Kendrick Bangs, and Harold Brighouse. (Summary by wildemoose)

One-Act Play Collection 004

This collection of twelve one-act dramas features plays by James Allen, John Kendrick Bangs, Gordon Bottomley, Charles Dickens, Lord Dunsany, Susan Glaspell, George Bernard Shaw, August Strindberg, Marion Craig Wentworth, and William Butler Yeats. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) * The Bicyclers read by: Chuck Williamson, David Lawrence, Robert Hoffman, Todd, Elizabeth Klett, Amanda Friday, Kristingj, and Tricia G * The Dark Lady of the Sonnets read by: Chris Marcellus, Elizabeth Klett, Algy Pug, Christine Nendza, CaprishaPage * Eolaus, a Dramatic Poem read by: Noel Badrian, om123, Kristingj, Carol Box, Rhonda Federman, Algy Pug, Elizabeth Klett, Cathy Barratt * Fame and the Poet read by: Max Korlinge, Delmar H. Dolbier, Elizabeth Klett * Is She His Wife? read by: Algy Pug, Noel Badrian, Tricia G, Elizabeth Klett, Christine Nendza, Kristingj * King Lear’s Wife read by: Algy Pug, Bev. J. Stevens, Elizabeth Klett, Arielle Lipshaw, Christine Nendza, Rhonda Federman, Nathaniel W. C. Higgins, April Gonzales * The Land of Heart’s Desire read by: Noel Badrian, Liberty Stump, Chris Marcellus, Amanda Friday, Algy Pug, Kristingj, Chuck Williamson * Mr. Nightingale’s Diary read by: AllenJohns, Todd, Kristingj, Elizabeth Klett, Algy Pug, Duan, Amanda Friday, Chuck Williamson * The Stronger read by: Kristingj and Elizabeth Klett * Trifles read by: Chuck Williamson, Delmar H. Dolbier, Robert Hoffman, Margaret Espaillat, Kristingj, Amy Wack * War Brides read by: Amanda Friday, Christine Nendza, Margaret Espaillat, Chuck Williamson, Duan, Chris Marcellus, Robert Hoffman, Tricia G, Ernst Pattynama * Woman’s Honor read by: Chuck Williamson, Todd, Tricia G, Margaret Espaillat, Liberty Stump, Kristingj, Elizabeth Klett, Amanda Friday, Arielle Lipshaw, CaprishaPage

One-Act Play Collection 005

This collection of ten one-act dramas features plays by James M. Barrie, Hereward Carrington, Marjorie Benton Cooke, Alice Gerstenberg, Susan Glaspell and George Cram Cook, St. John Hankin, George Middleton, David Pinski, Frederik Pohl, and an unknown Japanese author. The plays were coordinated by Arielle Lipshaw, Availle, Chuck Williamson, Todd, Peter Yearsley, Caprisha Page, Charlotte Duckett, and Amanda Friday. (Summary by Arielle Lipshaw)

One-Act Play Collection 006

This collection includes ten one-act plays by David Belasco, Arnold Bennett, Hereward Carrington, Lewis Carroll, Lord Dunsany, John Galsworthy, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Maurice Maeterlinck, Anna Bird Stewart, and Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The Book Coordinators for this collection were Charlotte Duckett, Michele Eaton, Elizabeth Klett, Loveday, Piotr Nater, Algy Pug, Eden Rea-Hedrick, Todd, and Chuck Williamson. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)

One-Act Play Collection 007

LibriVox?s One-Act Play Collection 007 includes one-act plays in the public domain read by a variety of LibriVox members. Project BC: Michele Eaton Cast listings: Stepmother Narrator: Ruth Golding Cora Prout: Elizabeth Klett Adrian Prout: bala Thomas Gardner: Peter Tucker Christine Feversham: Libby Gohn BC, Editor, PL: Michele Eaton BC: Algy Pug The Woman Tamer Narrator: Kristin Gjerl?w Katie: Libby Gohn Chopsey Ryan: Algy Pug Smithy the Liar: Peter Tucker Constable Jones: Phil Benson BC, PL, Editor: Algy Pug Dead Timber Narrator: Availle A Selector: Algy Pug Joe: Phil Benson Abe: Peter Tucker Wife: Kristin Gjerl?w Mary: Mary Kay BC, Editor, PL: Michele Eaton BC: Algy Pug The Wedding Narrator: Anastasiia Solokha Evdokim Zaharovitch Zhigalov: ToddHW Nastasya Timofeyevna: Caprisha Page Dashenka: Kristin Gjerl?w Epaminond Maximovitch Aplombov: Ali Kazerani Fyodor Yakovlevitch Revunov-Karaulov: Peter Tucker Andrey Andreyevitch Nunin: MaryAnn Anna Martinovna Zmeyukina: Libby Gohn Ivan Mihailovitch Yats: azureblue Harlampi spiridonovitch Dimba: Rapunzelina Dmitri Stepanovitch Mozgovoy: Mary Kay A Waiter: Lucy Perry Groomsman: Elizabeth Klett Gentleman 1: bala Gentleman 2: Anastasiia Solokha BC, PL, Editor: Anastasiia Solokha The Anniversary Narrator: Availle Andrey Andreyevitch Shipuchin: Peter Tucker Tatiana Alexeyevna: Elizabeth Klett Kusma Nicolaievitch Khirin: Algy Pug Nastasya Fyodorovna Merchutkina: Kristin Gjerl?w A Director of the Bank: Lucy Perry BC, PL, Editor: David Lawrence Grotesques Narrator: Algy Pug Capulchard: Chuck Williamson The Woman Motive: Libby Gohn The Man Motive: Peter Tucker The Girl Motive: Kristin Gjerl?w The Sprite Motive: TriciaG The Crone Motive: Lucy Perry Voices: TriciaG The Owl: Anastasiia Solokha BC, PL, Editor: Chuck Williamson A Tragedian In Spite of Himself Narrator: Anastasiia Solokha Ivan Ivanovitch Tolkachov: bala Alexey Alexeyevich Murashkin: Ernst Pattynama BC, PL, Editor: Anastasiia Solokha The Slave With Two Faces Narrator: Janet Life, The Slave: bala First Girl: Lucy Perry Second Girl: Anastasiia Solokha A Woman: Kristin Gjerl?w A Man: ToddHW A Young Man: Mary Kay A Workman: ToddHW Old Man: Bev J Stevens A Voice: TriciaG Another Voice: Mary Kay Third Voice: Availle BC, PL, Editor: Lucy Perry The Masque of the Two Strangers Narrator: ToddHW Joy: TriciaG Laughter: Frances Brown Song: Kristin Gjerl?w Dance: Amanda Friday Service: Mary Kay Poetry: Prachi Pendse Hope: Lydia Princess Douce-Coeur: Anna Simon Sorrow: Availle Fame: Ali Kazerani Riches: Prachi Pendse Power: Lucy Perry Love: Ali Kazerani Jester: Anastasiia Solokha Herald: Mary Kay BC, PL, Editor: Frances Brown Fourteen Narrator: bala Mrs Horace Pringle: Kristin Gjerl?w Elaine: Frances Brown Dunham: Algy Pug BC, PL, Editor: Bria Snow Moonshine Narrator: clarsach Luke Hazy: clarsach A Revenue Officer: gregevans

One-Act Play Collection 009

Ninth volume of one-act plays in the public domain read by a variety of LibriVox members. A Dramatic Evening Narrator: April6090 Mr Thaddeus Perkins: Jeff Moon Mr Edward Bradley: Tomas Peter Mr Robert Yardsley: Tom Penn John Barlow: Mike Harris Mrs Thaddeus Perkins: TriciaG Mrs Edward Bradley: Sonia Jennie: Leanne Yau The Fatal Message Narrator: Linette Geisel Mr Thaddeus Perkins: Jeff Moon Mr Edward Bradley: Tomas Peter Mr Robert Yardsley: Tom Penn John Barlow: Mike Harris Mrs Thaddeus Perkins: TriciaG Mrs Edward Bradley: Leanne Yau Jennie: April6090 Miss Andrews: Gaby Answering the Phone Narrator: Availle Mrs Courtney: Sonia Miss Eleanora Courtney: Gaby Nora Flanagan: KHand Attuned Narrator:Zames Curran Grace : Michele Eaton Voice: Chuck Williamson The Dance of Death Narrator: Michele Eaton Nero: John Burlinson Satan: Sonia Death: Tony Addison Fancy Free Narrator: Newgatenovelist Fancy : Sonia Alfred: K. Adrian Stroet Ethelbert: John Burlinson Delia: Andree-Ann Granger The Good Samaritan Narrator: Twinkle Prologue and Epilogue:Zames Curran First Thief: Lydia Second Thief: Esther ben Simonides Third Thief: Anusha Iyer Jew: Tomas Peter Priest: Charlotte Duckett First Servant: Michele Eaton Second Servant: Chuck Williamson First Levite: Michele Eaton Second Levite: Rupert Holliday The Host: David Olson Good Samaritan: Sonia In 1999 Narrator:Zames Curran Jean: Sonia Rollo: John Burlinson Florence: Anusha Iyer Phipps Narrator: Newgatenovelist Phipps: John Burlinson Lady Fanny: Sonia Sir Gerald: K. Adrian Stroet The Story of Rachel Narrator: Newgatenovelist Captain Cartereet: John Burlinson Rachel: Sonia Where but in America Narrator: Twinkle Mollie: Rose33 Bob: rat1260 Hilda: HannahMB

One-Act Play Collection 011

Here are 10 one act plays offered by various groups of Librivox readers. From Ancient India to the Far Future, from the palaces of royalty to the servants hall, from comedy to tragedy, from deeply philosophical to farcically entertaining. Enjoy! Chitra by Rabindranath Tagore (Coord and Edited by Anastasiia Solokha): Narrator: Foon Madana: Tomas Peter Vasanta: alanmapstone Chitra: Availle Arjuna: ToddHW Villagers: Sonia The Vampire Cat by Gerard van Etten (Coord by Anastasiia Solokha, Edited by ToddHW): Narrator: Ian King Prince Hizen: Tomas Peter Buzen: ToddHW Ruiten: TJ Burns Ito Soda: Chuck Williamson Kashiku: Sonia O Toyo: Availle The Countess of Escarbagnas by Moliere (Coord and Edited by ToddHW): Stage Directions: Sandra Schmit The Count, son to the Countess: DrPGould The Viscount, in love with Julia: ToddHW Mr. Thibaudier, councillor, in love with the Countess: Tomas Peter Mr. Harpin, receiver of taxes, also in love with the Countess: Nemo Mr. Bobinet, tutor to the Count: Eva Davis Jeannot, servant to Mr. Thibaudier: alanmapstone Criquet, servant to the Countess: Jasmin Salma The Countess of Escarbagnas: TJ Burns Julia, in love with the Viscount: Leanne Yau Andr?e, maid to the Countess: Sonia Playgoers by Arthur Wing Pinero (Coord and Edited by ToddHW): Stage Directions: Tomas Peter The Master: ToddHW The Mistress: Sonia The Cook: Linda Olsen Fitak The Kitchenmaid: Jasmin Salma The Parlourmaid: Son of the Exiles The Housemaid: TJ Burns The Useful Maid: Devorah Allen The Odd Man: alanmapstone The Far-Away Princess by Hermann Sudermann (Coord and Edited by Tomas Peter): Narrator: ToddHW The Princess von Geldern: Sandra Schmit Baroness von Brook, her maid of honor: Sonia Frau von Halldorf: Monika M. C. Liddy, her daughter: Maria de F?tima da Silva Milly, her daughter: Maria Joy Fritz Str?bel, a student: Tomas Peter Frau Lindemann: TJ Burns Rosa, a waitress: Foon Food A Tragedy of the Future by William C. de Mille (Coord and Edited by Devorah Allen): Narrator: DrPGould Basil, a New Yorker: Chuck Williamson Irene, his wife: TJ Burns Harold, an officer of the Food Trust: Jim Gallagher A Day Well Spent by John Oxenford (Coord and Edited by Zames Curran): Narrator: Availle Mr. Cotton (an eminent hosier, and old gentleman): ToddHW Mizzle (his apprentice, wishing to be a gentleman): Devorah Allen Bolt (his foreman, quite a gentleman): Tomas Peter Mr. Cutaway (an adventurous gentleman): Zames Curran Sam Newgate (no gentleman): alanmapstone Peter Prig (an ex-foreman, likewise no gentleman): Campbell Schelp Miss Harriet Cotton (an adventurous lady): Foon Mrs. Stitchley (an old lady): Sonia Miss Brown (her bosom friend?a middle-aged lady): TJ Burns Mrs. Chargely (a beneficent lady): Maria de F?tima da Silva Bridget (a lady?s lady): Pauline Latournerie Waiter: Chuck Williamson 2nd Waiter: Joseph Tabler Servant: Rosa Grace Coachman: Nathan Victoriano Boy: Jasmin Salma Bridges by Clare Kummer (Coord and Edited by Chuck Williamson): Stage Directions: Availle Penfield Parker, Jr. (Of Parker and Son, Bridge Builders): Chuck Williamson Wallie Breen (His friend, also in the office): DrPGould Enid Birdsall (The girl who wants to have a bridge built): Carmen Fullmer Efficiency by Perley Poore Sheehan/Robert H. [Hobart] Davis (Coord by DrPGould, Edited by ToddHW): Narrator: Foon The Emperor (modeled on Kaiser Wilhelm II): Chuck Williamson The Scientist: Availle Number 241: DrPGould Biscuits and Bills by O.B. DuBois (Coord and Edited by Foon): Narrator: Foon Jack Maynard: Ryan Bassette Mrs. Maynard: Maria de F?tima da Silva Mr. Brainard: DrPGould

One-Act Play Collection 012

Here are 10 One Act Plays for your enjoyment. They range from a 1659 farce by Moliere to a 1896 play by Fuller with early LGBT content; a Gilbert play without Sullivan’s music, and many other short gems to make you laugh, cry, think, or all three. NOTE: Although the plays here were all published before 1923 and hence are in the Public Domain in the U.S., Pinski, McFadden, and Wilde died in 1959, 1961, and 1953 respectively and their plays may not yet be in the Public Domain in some countries. (Summary by ToddHW) Cast list: 01. The Flying Doctor by Moliere, Run by: ToddHW Val?re, in love with Lucile: ToddHW Sganarelle, servant to Val?re: Tomas Peter Gorgibus, father to Lucile: Aaron White Gros-Ren?, valet to Gorgibus: alanmapstone A Lawyer: Leanne Yau Lucile: Devorah Allen Sabine, cousin to Lucile: Foon Stage Directions: Sonia 02. At Saint Judas’ by Henry Blake Fuller, Run by: Chuck Williamson The Bridegroom: Nemo The Best Man: Tomas Peter The Sacristan: ToddHW Stage Directions: Sonia 03. The Grandmother by Lajos Biro, Run by: Bhavya The Grandmother: Sonia The Blond Young Lady: Foon The Brunette Young Lady: TJ Burns The Bride: Elsie Selwyn The Vivacious Girl: Jenn Broda The Melancholy Girl: Bhavya The Sentimental High School Girl: Devorah Allen The Jovial Young Man: Josh Kibbey The Polite Young Man: Chuck Williamson The Disagreeable Young Man: Tomas Peter Stage directions: Campbell Schelp 04. Everybody’s Husband by Richard Ryan, Run by: Devorah Allen Mr. Alexis Twisselton: Aaron White Mr. Theophilus Bunbury: Tomas Peter Figgins: Larry Wilson Spriggins: ToddHW Dick, a Waiter: Averagemoe Mrs. Pimpernel, Mistress of a Boardinghouse: Pauline Latournerie Fanny, her Daughter: Sonia Miss Thompson, Spriggins’s Ward: TJ Burns Miss Tomkins, Figgins’s Ward: Jenn Broda Mrs. Twisselton: Devorah Allen Maid Servant: Foon Stage Directions: KevinS 05. A Dollar by David Pinski, Run by: TJ Burns The Comedian: Jim Gallagher The Villain: Aaron White The Tragedian: Tomas Peter The Old Man: Nemo The Heroine: Availle The Ingenue: Jenn Broda The Old Woman: Betsy Walker The Stranger: Campbell Schelp Stage Directions: TJ Burns 06. Why the Chimes Rang by Elizabeth Apthorp McFadden, Run by: Larry Wilson Holger – a peasant boy: Nemo Steen – his younger brother: Josh Kibbey Bertel – their uncle: Aaron White Old Woman: Jane Manning Angel: Elsie Selwyn Stage Directions: Larry Wilson 07. The Line of No Resistance by Percival Wilde, Run by: Elsie Selwyn George Robertson: Tomas Peter Jean Robertson: Devorah Allen Ethel Quenton: Betsy Walker Stage Directions: Aaron White 08. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern by W. S. Gilbert: ToddHW King Claudius: Aaron White Queen Gertrude: Sonia Rosencrantz: KevinS Guildenstern: Tomas Peter Ophelia: Foon Hamlet: alanmapstone First Player: Campbell Schelp He: Peter Yearsley She: Sandra Schmit Stage Directions: ToddHW 09. First Come, First Served by John Maddison Morton, Run by: David Olson Colonel Challenger: Larry Wilson Harry Barton: Max K?rlinge Basil Royston: Tomas Peter Mrs. Templeton: Sonia Julia Templeton: Devorah Allen Josephine Templeton: Elsie Selwyn Stage Directions: David Olson 10. Wanted, A Male Cook by George Melville Baker, Run by: Elsie Selwyn Mr. Heartwell (an old bachelor): Larry Wilson Joshua Slocum (from Greensville, Maine): ToddHW Teddy Ryan (a native of Ireland): Tomas Peter Fran?ois (a French cook): Pauline Latournerie Stage Directions: Max K?rlinge

One-Act Play Collection 013

Here, in our 13th collection, are 10 One Act Plays for your enjoyment. They range from tales of ancient Greek sailors to a story about early 1900 moonshiners; many short gems to make you laugh, cry, think, or all three. NOTE: Although the plays here were all published before 1923 and hence are in the Public Domain in the U.S., Alice Gerstenberg, Elizabeth Lay and Hugh Heffner died in 1972, 1989, and 1985 respectively and their plays may not yet be in the Public Domain in some countries. – Summary by ToddHW Cast list: 1. Love Magic by Gregorio Martinez Sierra, Translated by John Garrett Underhill. Run by: ToddHW The Prologue: ToddHW Pierrot: Tomas Peter Columbine: Sonia Pierrette: TJ Burns Polichinelle: Adrian Stephens Harlequin: Alan Mapstone A Little Girl: Jasmin Salma Stage Directions: Larry Wilson : 2. He Said and She Said: A One-Act Play by Alice Gerstenberg (1885-1972). Run by: TJ Burns Diana Chesbrough, a society girl: JennPratt Enid Haldeman, her friend: thestorygirl Felix Haldeman, her husband: ToddHW Mrs. Cyrus Packard, their friend: TJ Burns Stage Directions: Kelly S. Taylor : 3. The Hartleys, a Play in One Act by Arthur Eckersley. Run by: Campbell Schelp Rupert Hartley: Son of the Exiles Mrs. Hartley: Kelly S. Taylor Hester: thestorygirl George Perrin: ToddHW Maid: Availle Stage Directions: Jenn Broda : 4. The Sicilian, or Love Makes the Painter, by Moliere, translated by Henri Van Laun. Run by: ToddHW Don Pedro, a Sicilian gentleman: Tomas Peter Adraste, a French gentleman, in love with Isidore: Adrian Stephens Isidore, a Greek girl, Don Pedro’s slave: Sonia A Senator: ToddHW Hali, a Turk, Adraste’s slave: Alan Mapstone Zaide, a young slave girl: Jenn Broda First Musician/Philene: Availle Second Musician/Tircis: ToddHW Third Musician/Sheppard: Jim Locke A Slave, singing: Kelly S. Taylor Stage Directions: Rob Marland : 5. When Witches Ride – A Play of Folk-Superstition, by Elizabeth Lay (1897-1989). Run by: ToddHW Uncle Ben, owner of the crossroads store: ToddHW Ed, his son: Larry Wilson Jake, formerly a railroad engineer: Jim Gallagher Phoebe Ward, witch: JennPratt Stage Directions: Kelly S. Taylor : 6. The Woman Tamer, by Louis Esson. Run by: ToddHW “Chopsey” Ryan (thief and busker): Son of the Exiles Smithy the Liar (his cobber): Tomas Peter Katie: Sonia Constable Jones: Algy Pug Stage Directions: Kelly S. Taylor : 7. The Cyclops, by Euripides. Run by: ToddHW Silenus: Jim Locke Odysseus: Adrian Stephens The Cyclops: Alan Mapstone First Half Chorus of Satyrs: ToddHW Second Half Chorus of Satyrs: Jenn Broda Stage Directions: Availle : 8. “Dod Gast Ye Both!”, by Hubert Heffner (1901-1985). Run by: ToddHW Noah Setzer, a mountain moonshiner: EJWiley Walt, his son, an ex-member of the AEF: ambsweet13 Mary, his daughter: Kelly S. Taylor Mose, frequenter of the still and bootlegger for Noah: Wayne Cooke Sank, frequenter of the still and bootlegger for Noah: Jim Locke Bill Spivins, a rough mountaineer: EJWiley Laurence Abner, a “revenoor”: ToddHW Stage Directions: Devorah Allen : 9. An Irish Engagement, by Walter Watts. Run by: Kelly S. Taylor Mr. Bullfinch: Algy Pug Mr. McCarthy: Alan Mapstone Captain Foxlove: ToddHW Tim Rafferty: Andrew James Julia Bullfinch: JennPratt Norah: Nettle Stage Direction: Jenn Broda : 10. Damon, or True Friendship by G E Lessing. Run by: Adrian Stephens The Widow: JennPratt Leander, a Suitor: Adrian Stephens Damon, a Suitor: Jim Locke Oronte, cousin to Damon: Alan Mapstone Lisette, maid to the Widow: Michele Eaton Narrator: Kelly S. Taylor

One-Act Play Collection 015

Here, in our 15th collection, are 10 One Act Plays for your enjoyment. They range from the mid-1600s to the early 1900s, from outright farce to bittersweet relationships, all short gems to make you laugh, cry, think, or all three. NOTE: Although the plays here were all published before 1923 and hence are in the Public Domain in the U.S., Moeller died in 1958 while the death dates for Postgate, Crandall, and Bornstead are unknown. Their plays may not yet be in the Public Domain in some countries.. – Summary by ToddHW Cast lists: 1. Re-Taming of the Shrew: A Shakespearean Travesty in One Act by John W. Postgate (?-?). BC for this play is ToddHW Petruchio, a Mad-cap Ruffian Tamed by Marriage: Larry Wilson Angelo, Stern Magistrate Softened by Matrimony: Tomas Peter Duke of Illyria, Sentimental Lover Turned Meek Husband: James R. Hedrick Othello, Fierce Black General Under Sway of his Wife: Wayne Cooke Macbeth, Scottish Chieftain Fond of the Barley Bree: Alan Mapstone Grumio, Reformed Sevant of Petruchio: ToddHW Katherine, Leader in Woman’s Rights Movement: WendyKatzHiller Mariana, Formerly Despondent Lady of the Moated Grange: Jenn Broda Viola, Patience on a Monument Prior to her Marriage: Joanna Michal Hoyt Desdemona, Becomes Suffragist after Eloping with the Moor: Annie Mars Lady Macbeth, Strong-minded Caustic Wife of Witch-ridden Macbeth: mleigh Stage Directions: awonski 2. The Jealousy of Le Barbouille by Moliere, translated by Charles Heron Wall (1836-1905). BC for this play is ToddHW Le Barbouill?, husband to Ang?lique: Joanna Michal Hoyt Gorgibus, father to Ang?lique: Alan Mapstone Val?re, lover to Ang?lique: Tomas Peter Ang?lique: awonski Cathau, maid to Ang?lique: Sonia Villebrequin: Kelly S. Taylor The Doctor: ToddHW La Vall?e: Greg Giordano Stage Directions: Larry Wilson 3. A Photographic Fix by Frederic Hay. BC for this play is SonOfTheExiles Michael Angelo Chrome: ToddHW Ebenezer Staggers: Andrew James Bob Cropp: Son of the Exiles Miss Diana Duff: Availle Miss Caroline Cropp: Sonia Stage Directions: WendyKatzHiller 4. Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady by J.R. Planche (1796-1880). BC for this play is ktaylor07 King Charles II of Spain Matea Bracic Duchess de Torreneuva Kelly S. Taylor Ruy Gomez cavaet Leonora Elise Dee Marquis de Santa Cruz Andrew James Guzman Greg Giordano Pedro Adrian Stephens Lopez Larry Wilson Page Adrian Stephens Stage Directions Tchaikovsky 5. The Roadhouse in Arden by Philip Moeller (died 1958). BC for this play is mleigh Master Hamlet, the keeper of the inn: Greg Giordano Mistress Cleopatra Hamlet, his wife: mleigh Master Robin Goodfellow Hamlet, their son: Scotty Smith Mistress Immortality: Jenn Broda Sir Francis B., a literary man from London: David Moon Sir William S., a literary man from London: ToddHW Stage Directions: Joanna Michal Hoyt 6. In the Shadow of the Glen by John Millington Synge (1871 ? 1909). BC for this play is AngeliqueAnja Daniel Burke, an elderly farmer: Alan Mapstone Nora Burke, his young wife: Annie Mars Michael Dara, a youthful shepherd: Tomas Peter A Tramp: Algy Pug Stage Directions: Availle 7. The Last Rehearsal by Irene Jean Crandall (dates unknown). BC for this play is jennlea Margery Patterson, The Ingenue: Linda Webster Harold Spaulding, The Lover: Tomas Peter M. Forbes-Smith, The Stage Manager: Andrew Gaunce Doris Street, The Playwright: TJ Burns Isabel Brookins, The Leading Lady: Jenn Broda Stage Directions: ToddHW 8. The Trysting Place: A Farce in One Act by Booth Tarkington (1869-1946). BC for this play was Ambsweet13, now Rapunzelina Mrs. Curtis, The Young Woman, twenty-five or perhaps even a little older.: Joanna Michal Hoyt Lancelot Briggs, The Boy, slim and obviously under twenty.: Tim Jones Mrs. Briggs, his mother, a handsome woman of forty-five or fifty.: mleigh Jessie, his sister, a pretty girl of about twenty.: JennPratt Rupert Smith, The Young Man, about twenty-five.: Tomas Peter Mr. Ingoldsby, a man of fifty-five or, possibly, sixty.: Andrew James The

Shakespeare Monologues Collection vol. 15 (Multilingual)

This is the 15th edition of the Shakespeare Monologues Collection, in which Librivox volunteers bring you their favorite characters’ monologues. All topics and emotions are covered, from love to hate, drawn from Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies, world-famous and lesser known lines. Recordings are mostly in English, with one each in Portuguese, Latin, and Italian. – Summary by ToddHW

Shakespeare Monologues Collection vol. 16 (Multilingual)

This is the 16th edition of the Shakespeare Monologues Collection, in which Librivox volunteers bring you their favorite characters’ monologues. All topics and emotions are covered, from love to hate, drawn from Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies, world-famous and lesser known lines. Summary by ToddHW

The “Mind The Paint” Girl

Another Pinero play from the early 1900s. With a social message about the effects of stardom on the star as well as those that love them. “I?m afraid there?s one thing finer than winning the woman you love and, when you?ve won her, being prepared to go through fire and water for her.” “What?s that?” “Having the courage to give her up” – Summary by ToddHW Cast list: Viscount Farncombe: Tomas Peter Colonel the Hon. Arthur Stidulph: alanmapstone Baron von Rettenmayer: Nemo Captain Nicholas Jeyes: Campbell Schelp Lionel Roper: Hamlet Sam de Castro: Aaron White Herbert Fulkerson: Fr?d?ric Surget Stewart Heneage: KevinS Gerald Grimwood: April 6090 Carlton Smythe (Manager of the Pandora Theatre): James Thomas Albert Palk (Actor at the Pandora): Sandra Schmit Wilfrid Tavish (Actor at the Pandora): Philip Watson Vincent Bland (A Musical Composer, attached to the Pandora): ToddHW Morris Cooling (Business Manager at the Pandora): Jim Locke Luigi (Ma?tre d?h?tel at Catani?s Restaurant): Pier The Hon. Mrs. Arthur Stidulph (Formerly, as Dolly Ensor, of the Pandora Theatre): TJ Burns Lily Parradell (Of the Pandora): Foon Jimmie Birch (Of the Pandora): Sonia Gabrielle Kato (Of the Pandora): Pauline Latournerie Enid Moncrieff (Of the Pandora): Leanne Yau Daphne Dure (Of the Pandora): EmmaHatton Nita Trevenna (Of the Pandora): Lex Hankins Flo Connify (One of Four Beauties Of the Pandora): Eva Davis Sybil Dermott (One of Four Beauties Of the Pandora): Availle Olga Cook (One of Four Beauties Of the Pandora): Devorah Allen Evangeline Ventris (One of Four Beauties Of the Pandora): Elsie Selwyn Mrs. Upjohn (Lily Parradell?s mother): DuckTD Gladys (Lily?s parlourmaid): Eva Davis Maud (Lily?s maid): Leanne Yau Stage Directions: Larry Wilson Edited by: ToddHW

The Admirable Crichton

From the author of Peter Pan: Lord Loam, a British peer, considers class divisions to be artificial. He promotes his views during tea-parties where servants mingle with his aristocratic guests, to the embarrassment of all. Crichton, his butler, particularly disapproves of this. Loam, his family, a maid, and Crichton are shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island. The resourceful Crichton is the only one of the party with any practical knowledge. Eventually, social roles are reversed, and Crichton becomes the governor. (Intro from Wikipedia & TriciaG) Cast (in order of appearance)

The Blue Bird: A Fairy Play in Six Acts

The Blue Bird is a 1908 play by Belgian author Maurice Maeterlinck. On the night of Christmas a boy and a girl, Tyltil and Mytil, are visited by Fairy Berilyuna. Fairy’s granddaughter is sick and can only be saved by the Blue Bird. Thanks to the Fairy’s magic gift children have the opportunity to see the soul of things. Inanimate objects Clocks, Fire, Water, Bread, Sugar, Milk transformed into beings with their own character. Together, they set off on a dangerous journey for the fabulous Blue Bird. The play is inspired with the deep idea of the author “be brave enough to see the hidden.” – Summary by ShiNeko, Wikipedia Cast List: Tyltyl: KHand Mytyl/ The Child One: Beth Thomas The Fairy/ The Neighbour: Kathy Wright The Dog/ Granny Tyl/ Gaffer Tyl: Ron Altman The Cat: ToddHW Light / the little Girl: Amanda Friday Bread/ The Loaf: tovarisch Fire: Chuck Williamson Water: Sarah Alaine Swart Sugar: Mary Kay Milk: Etel Buss Daddy Tyl/ The Oak/ The Luxury: Arnaldo Machado Mummy Tyl/ Maternal Love: Rebecca Braunert-Plunkett The Brothers and Sisters Tyl: Megan Clavie-Parker, April Walters, Lydia, MaryAnnS, TriciaG, Tomas Peter Night/ The Child Thirteen: Availle The Poplar/ The Sheep: Frances Brown The Lime-Tree/ The Child Ten: Elizabeth Klett The Willow/ The Joy of Understanding: Etel Buss The Fir-Tree: Ashur Gharavi The Chestnut-Tree/ The Ass: Mark Chulsky The Beech/ The Elm/ The Child Seven/ The Child Twelve: Phil Chenevert The Cypress: Amy Gramour The Ivy/ The Child Eleven: April Walters The Rabbit / The First Child of Lovers: Sarah Alaine Swart The Cock: David Purdy The Horse/ The Child Three: MaryAnnS The Bull: Algy Pug The Ox: Oxenhandler The Cow/ The Child Fifteen: Lydia The Pig: Miriam Esther Goldman The Wolf: Dillon McFarlane The Happiness: Savannah The Joy of Being Just: Valerie Becker The Joy of seeing what is Beautiful: Little Tee The Child Two /The Second Child of Lovers: Rosslyn Carlyle The Child Four: Sarah Jennings The Child Five/ The Child with the Melons: TriciaG The Child Six: Abby The Child Eight: Rachel The Child Fourteen: Tomas Peter The Child Sixteen: Saffie Time: Jason Mills Stage Directions: MaryAnnS, Anastasiia Solokha Editors: TriciaG , MaryAnnS and Anastasiia Solokha

The Blunderer, or The Counterplots

A very early Moliere. From the Translator: “In this piece the plot is carried on … by a servant, Mascarille, who is the first original personage Moli?re has created; he is not a mere imitation of the valets of the Italian or classical comedy; he has not the coarseness and base feelings of the servants of his contemporaries, but he is a lineal descendant of Villon, a free and easy fellow, not over nice in the choice or execution of his plans, but inventing new ones after each failure, simply to keep in his hand; not too valiant, except perhaps when in his cups, rather jovial and chaffy, making fun of himself and everybody else besides, no respecter of persons or things, and doomed probably not to die in his bed.” – Summary by ToddHW Cast list: LELIO, son to PANDOLPHUS: Leanne Yau LEANDER, a young gentleman of good birth: Tomas Peter ANSELMO, an old man: Sonia PANDOLPHUS, an old man: Nemo TRUFALDIN, an old man: ToddHW ANDR?S, a supposed gipsy: Son of the Exiles MASCARILLE, servant to Lelio: Larry Wilson ERGASTE, a servant: alanmapstone A MESSENGER: Zames Curran CELIA, slave to TRUFALDIN: TJ Burns HIPPOLYTA, daughter to ANSELMO: Eva Davis Stage Directions: Devorah Allen Edited by: ToddHW

The Conscious Lovers

As early as 1720 Steele spoke in the Theatre of “a friend of mine” who was lately preparing a comedy according to the just laws of the stage, and had introduced a scene in which the first character bore unprovoked wrong, denied a duel, and still appeared a man of honour and courage. This was clearly an allusion to the play eventually to be published as The Conscious Lovers. – Summary by G. A. Aitken. Cast list: Sir John Bevil: ToddHW Mr. Sealand: Algy Pug Bevil, Junior., in love with Indiana: Adrian Stephens Myrtle, in love with Lucinda: Adam Bielka Cimberton, a Coxcomb: alanmapstone Humphry, an old Servant to Sir John: Larry Wilson Tom, Servant to Bevil, Junior: Tomas Peter Daniel, a Country Boy, Servant to Indiana: Arthur Nascimento Mrs. Sealand, second Wife to Sealand: Sonia Isabella, Sister to Sealand: Kathryn Phipps Indiana, Sealand’s Daughter, by his first Wife: Rapunzelina Lucinda, Sealand’s Daughter, by his second Wife: Devorah Allen Phillis, Maid to Lucinda: TJ Burns Servant: Leanne Yau Stage Directions: MichaelMaggs Edited by: ToddHW

The Constant Couple

George Farquhar, the author of this comedy, was the son of a clergyman in the north of Ireland. He was born in the year 1678, discovered an early taste for literature, and wrote poetic stanzas at ten years of age. In 1694 he was sent to Trinity College, Dublin, and there made such progress in his studies as to acquire considerable reputation. But he was volatile and poor?the first misfortune led him to expense; the second, to devise means how to support his extravagance. In the year 1700 he brought out this comedy of “The Constant Couple; or, A Trip to the Jubilee.” It was then the Jubilee year at Rome, and the author took advantage of that occurrence to render the title of his drama popular; for which cause alone it must be supposed he made any thing in his play refer to that festival, as no one material point is in any shape connected with it. – Summary by Mrs Inchbald, a critic of that time Cast list: Sir Harry Wildair: John Burlinson Alderman Smuggler: Kristin Gjerl?w Colonel Standard: ToddHW Clincher Junior: KHand Clincher Senior: K. Adrian Stroet Vizard: technoauloin Tom Errand: Dillon McFarlane Dicky: alanmapstone Constable: Newgatenovelist Servants: Anna Simon Lady Lurewell: Availle Lady Darling: Elizabeth Klett Angelica: Sonia Parly: Jacqui Castle Tom Errand’s Wife: Leanne Yau Mob: Sonia Stage Directions: Gaby Edited and Coordinated by: ToddHW