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‘Twixt Earth and Stars

This is a volume of poetry by Radclyffe Hall. The poet and novelist led a highly scandalous lifestyle for the norms of her contemporary society, living openly lesbian in Germany and England. Some of the poems in this volume are also love poems to other women, a fact which was not generally known at the time the book was published. – Summary by Carolin

“Bones”: Being Further Adventures in Mr. Commissioner Sanders’ Country by Wallace

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You will never know from the perusal of the Blue Book the true inwardness of the happenings in the Ochori country in the spring of the year of Wish. Nor all the facts associated with the disappearance of the Rt. Hon. Joseph Blowter, Secretary of State for the Colonies.

We know (though this is not in the Blue Books) that Bosambo called together all his petty chiefs and his headmen, from one end of the country to the other, and assembled them squatting expectantly at the foot of the little hillock, where sat Bosambo in his robes of office (unauthorized but no less magnificent), their upturned faces charged with pride and confidence, eloquent of the hold this sometime Liberian convict had upon the wayward and fearful folk of the Ochori.

“Boy” The Wandering Dog

Another ‘dog’s-eye view’ book for children by this early activist for the American Humane Society. In this tale, we follow the travels and adventures of Boy, a loveable and loyal wire-haired fox-terrier in city and country. – Summary by Lynne Thompson

“Co. Aytch” Maury Grays, First Tennessee Regiment or, A Side Show of the Big Show by Samuel R. Watkins

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The present book titled ‘”Co. Aytch,” Maury Grays, First Tennessee Regiment’ was written by famous anthropologist and writer Samuel R. Watkins. It was first published in the year 1882.

“Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”: the illuminating diary of a professional lady

In this comic novel written by American author Anita Loos, we follow the adventures of the fictional character Lorelei Lee who is a young blonde flapper. This story takes place in the hedonistic Jazz Age and is written in the form of a diary from Lorelei’s viewpoint as she shares stories of the men she entertains in New York City and Europe. ?Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? was an instant bestseller and has been declared as ?the great American novel? by Edith Wharton. – Summary by Jenn Broda


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ALERT is a not for profit, non-government organization that focuses on the wellness of the society and has taken Golden Hour Care and Emergency Response Management as its core initiative.


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Presenting a fabulous online tamil magazine for your priceless time , there is no higher art than reading @Manam magazine.

@Manam is a brand new & flawless Magazine like you’ve never seen before.

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* We focus on stories that relate to the modern life style.
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#cheauto! è il mensile digitale gratuito di automobilismo che vuole dare al lettore la possibilità di conoscere a fondo tutte le nuove auto presentate, sia dalle grandi case automobilistiche che dai piccoli costruttori. Notizie da ogni angolo del mondo arricchiscono il periodico e lo rendono la piattaforma globale perfetta per l’informazione ‘automotive’. Supercar, energie alternative, auto storiche, racing e molto altro ancora …


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#INSPO was established in September 2014 in Liverpool (UK) as a regional fashion and beauty publication distributed across the North West area of the UK, but now the magazine has grown into a global destination that combines a quarterly digital and on-demand print magazine with readership from 63 different countries, as well as a regularly updated website.

We connect our readers with the most desirable brands, and brands with style savvy shoppers.


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The July edition of YPro magazine features exclusive interviews with cricketer Danni Wyatt, triathlete Ben Kanute and tennis’ Jake Harrison. We also explore the future prospects of Max Verstappen, Eric Dier and Henry Slade.


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+977, is a High-End-Colour Glossy Print Magazine and proudly the First Lifestyle Magazine published in English language by any of the Nepalese Media House in Australia.

+977 is published by Nine Double Seven Pty Ltd, an Australian company established in 2012 by two young and talented Nepali boys [Kushal KC & Ershad Ahmed] while they were studying towards their CA qualification and worked as an Accountant in a local Accounting & Taxation Firm.

+977 aims to cater all Nepalese living in Australia with a quality print magazine that primarily focuses in Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle and keep connects to the fresh trends and hypes to all the Nepalese living worldwide. Moreover, it aims to become a mean to promote Nepal in an international arena, by publishing Nepali Culture, promoting Travel Destinations, Nepali Food and Nepalese People within Australian communities.

+977 also sets an international standard of print magazines that Nepalese people can be proud with.

1 World Magazine

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1 WORLD Magazine is the International Hip Hop Magazine, a new Underground title of Urban Hip Hop, and the producers, recording & performing artists who make the Music. 1 WORLD presents not just the creativity, but the hard work, dedication & musical prowness of each artist to create their music, their art, without limitation. 1WORLD features exclusive interviews with artists, reviews of new material, representing those who “Live the Struggle Through the Music.” Insightful, in-depth – 1 WORLD is a creative take on Hip Hop as a way of musicians expressing themselves, expressing for others, speaking for people who can’t always speak out for themselves.