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100 Years of the Liver Birds

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Born in 1911, the world-famous Liver Birds celebrate a century of memories. They have seen and heard it all, perched high over Liverpool and the River Mersey. Happy 100th birthday!

1961 Magazine

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1961 Magazine features hot new talent and fresh faces in fashion, beauty, technology and lifestyle. Be the first “in the know” with 1961!


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221B is a bimonthly crime fiction and culture magazine that was first published in Turkey on January 2016. 221B is not just a crime fiction magazine; it is also a crime culture magazine. 221B is committed to handling various subjects regarding universal and local crime fiction including crime narratives, comic books, academic research, film & TV and book reviews, author interviews and of course short stories.

Crime fiction reaches a wider group of readers and audiences all over the world with each passing day. But how well do we know about the crime narratives of other countries and cultures? Beyond the works that are translated to our language or the ones in English that we can read and watch, what other crime fiction works are read or watched in other cultures? How can talented crime fiction writers from foreign countries meet with crime readers in various countries of the world? How can we make sure that significant academicians who carry out research in crime fiction can reach out to people interested in crime fiction from all over the world?

With all these questions in mind, 221B team decided to publish an English Edition of 221B Magazine which will meet its readers quarterly. And our first issue in English is out!

24 Characteristics of a Genius

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This book is a discovery of the 24 common
characteristics that have been found in the world ‘s
greatest geniuses that have ever lived; Mozart,
Einstein, Shakespeare, etc. One can develop these
attributes by adopting and practicing them. They
enable you to unlock your innate potential on a
genius level for the actuality of feeling happy and
living up to your potential. I CONGRATULATE
Walking on sunshine is your destiny.
These are the 24 genius characteristics that are
presently used by the Fortune 500 companies and
their executives which sets them apart from
everyday people. -Mr. Burnett photojournalist
The best explained and applicable definitions of
Genius used in the modern world you will find are
on the next pages. For the word’s origin turn to the
end of the book. You might find interesting.
Believe me, in this book lies a treasure that now I
share with you, that now belongs to you like the
beauty and grace of nature itself. You can’t stop
the feeling once you start to enjoy your
adventure of living. Welcome sunshine!
– Kristina Toth
Creative Director

30 Days… Series

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The 30 Days… series challenges artists to write consecutively for 30 days on a specific area of study, reflection, or expertise. In return they would personally experience something amazing. The manuscripts in the 30 Days… series are all personal journeys that expand life perspectives.

Join the publisher’s contact list to stay informed about projects and other books in this series at:

5 Республика

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“5Республика” – это первый и единственный журнал на русском языке о Франции, ее культуре и истории. Все что вы хотели знать о самой прекрасной стране на свете + оэнология, кухня, календарь событий, рекомендации ресторанов и нетуристическая информация, которую вы не найдете ни в одном путеводителе

A Foreign Country

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A fascinating and information packed world history magazine, lavishly illustrated and aimed at those who want to know more than the casual reader. Exploring subjects from the familiar to the obscure, A Foreign Country covers social, political and military history in broad categorised sections, with the occasional dip into myths and conspiracy theories.

Aajker Shree

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AAJKER SHREE is a by-monthly Bengali family-life style India Govt. Registered magazine starts from September 2013 and the starting issue was dedicated to Sri Satyajit Ray. We always maintain our content quality.

Just for an example Suchitra Sen, Swami Vivekananda, Uttpal Dutta etc. along with these cover story we have some special segment which makes our more rich and valuable.
Such as ‘Probashir Kolom’ from London. ‘Paye Paye’, ‘Bhalo Thakun’ & a special one ‘Ebare Shree’ etc. We always try to make ‘Aajker Shree’ a bengali magazine for all age, all phase & all type of people through out the world.

Our present circulation all over the India around 3,000 per issue which we wish become 5,000 very soon. “Bengal Cultural Association” from London, Dubai ,Malaysia, Singapore is attached with us from the beginning. We also have a fare number of subscriber from there. We send our magazine in Chicago & Dhaka also.
We want your association to join with Aajker Shree family and being a subscriber. Not only a subscriber, you can also write in our magazine’s different segment. Such as “Kalpo Kobita”, “Galpo”, “Rasui ki Rasam” etc.
Mail us:


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Aakhar is a bhojpuri literature monthly magazine..Bhojpuri literature available in stores by the masses come youthful energy Bhojpuri written Uksavl sake . E Dunu work


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A leading literary magazine of Hindi Intellects and critics. More events, information and daily updates on various literary occasion on a different culture and much more on these magazines…..


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A bi-monthly digital magazine in Tamil for Arts, Cinema and Morden literature


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ABHIDHANANTAR- the well-known Marathi literary journal is ushering a new beginning due to the pressing demand from its huge audience worldwide.
We are coming out again totally charged with quality literary content which was solely missed by the discerning readers of Marathi and translated from the world languages in Marathi.


ABHIDHANANTAR was around on the Marathi Literary scene for fifteen years. It was one of the earliest literary magazine and literary movement in Marathi to recognize and respond creatively to the transforming power of the force of globalization on our life and culture. Before ABHIDHANANTAR, hardly anyone had given a serious thought to globalization and its impact on Marathi poetry. ABHIDHANANTAR has always given generous space to the thought of linguistic, culture and the literary changes taken place in the last decade of the previous century. It also provided a platform to new talent in poetry who responded to the new cultural and social changes brought about by the force of globalization. The focus of this periodical was on the relationship between literature and globalization and it showcased the literature and poetry which emerged from the social, cultural and linguistic crises brought about by globalization. Abhidhanantar was also honored with the Maharashtra Foundation Award for its contributions to Marathi literature.

Abhilashaa अभिलाषा

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Abhilashaa ,an online Hindi e-magazine founded & edited by Abhilipsa Parhi. A P Subhakanta is the co-editor.

Actual Archaeology Magazine-Anatolia

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Turkey, with its cultural variety which is increasing in history, has an important structural group of monumental buildings, ranging from the caves to the first temple of the world, from city walls to castles, towers to obelisks, churches to mosques, madrasah, hospitals, hans and baths, fountains, tombs to mausoleums, palaces, mansions and waterside residences. This multicoloured cultural mosaic, which bears the traces of every level of the history, deserves to be called as “super power”.
Known as the cradle of numerous civilizations for thousands of years, Anatolia is one of the most important centers in history. It has hosted many different cultures, languages and religions, faced several migrations and battles, and witnessed the foundation and the fall of civilizations.
Aktüel Arkeoloji aims: firstly, to inform the general public about archaeological investigations, cultural treasures and the heritage of Anatolia; secondly, to share this heritage, which we accept as being of global value, with the whole world. To understand the world’s history, firstly we should explore the entire history of Anatolian civilizations. Beside scientific researches in an interdisciplinary setting, recent archaeological excavations and the surveys conducted in Anatolia have been further extending the understanding of the archaeology and the cultural heritage of Anatolia.


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ADAVI is a monthly Tamil magazine focuses on Literature and Cinema. The magazine touches each and every aspect of Literature and thoughts and aspects of arts and culture.

Aditya Kiran

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A theme based educational monthly magazine in which topic discussed from KG to PG . It is useful to policy makers as well as stake holders of education system .

Africa Tamil Charal

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This Tamil magazine is run by Tamil Association TYCA (TAMIL YOUTH CULTURAL ASSOCIATION) of Kinshasa, D.R.Congo. This magazine is in print version also, in circulation, free of cost, only among the members of the Association. The object of this magazine is nothing but to taste and let others taste the sweetness of the longest surviving classical languages in the world TAMIL. Each and every articles of this magazine is written by the members of this association, those who have got the love and passion towards the language Tamil. This magazine is the landmark in the activities of the Association. In fact , It is made by the members of the Association of the members of the Association and for the members of the Association. Now, we have decided to circulate to the Tamil Readers of the world. Hence, this uploading is done. Thanks to for making this possible.


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Africa oriented magazine dedicated to Protect, Project and Promote the African culture and heritage.

AfroElle Magazine

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AfroElle is a digital magazine celebrating women of African heritage. AfroElle has provided a platform for women of African heritage to showcase their work and each issue features entrepreneurs, leaders, influencers and tastemakers making a difference in society.

AfroElle exists to encourage, empower and elevate our readers through highlighting the plight of women of African heritage and celebrating their achievements and contributions to their communities. Our magazine features editorials on book, film & music, technology, business, travel, lifestyle, health, art, culture, home décor, fashion.

It explores people and places from different African countries and contributor opinions from different parts of the world.

Afrotribes Magazine

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Afrotribes Magazine is a subsidiary of Afrotribes Media. We desire to tell and showcase fascinating African arts and culture.
We hope you find it educative and entertaining.


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Aganazhigai started publishing in 2009. Identification of new creators in an effort to identify and published books. The creators of the first books written and published exclusively on the Internet. Aganazhigai is an Alternative Tamil Literary Magazine focuses on art, culture, literature and society.

Akhand Gyan – Hindi

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Akhand Gyan is a monthly spiritual magazine of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan. With a new rainbow collection every month, it encapsulates more than 60 versatile shades of write-ups, such as: Corporate Spirituality, Personality Bytes, Healing Herbs, Vedic-o-logy, Grooming Relationships, Self-Analysis Zone, Kindergarten, and many more. It provides deep insight into the solutions of problems prevailing in life and society today, with a comprehensive outlook from spiritual, scientific and philosophical perspectives. Akhand Gyan is available in three languages: English, Hindi and Punjabi, all with unique and inspirational contents.


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അക്ഷര ഡിജിറ്റൽ ത്രൈമാസിക
അക്ഷര പബ്ലിക് ലൈബ്രറി മുഖപത്രം
സാഹിത്യ മാസിക


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Malayalam online magazine from Federation of Malayalee Association of Americas.
FOMAA has become a vibrant community organization that serves all Keralites by encouraging networking, participating in both the traditional and mainstream parts of the Kerala Culture along with Mainstream American life. FOMAA’s main objective is to organize and coordinate Social, Cultural, Literary, Charitable and Educational activities on National and International levels.


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a hindi magazine monthly with poetry -stories -political-social articals-fim reviews

Akshaya Gaurav

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अक्षय गौरव एक सामाजिक एवं साहित्यिक वेब पत्रिका है। जिसका प्रबंधन एवं सम्पादन उत्तर प्रदेश के जिला मेरठ से किया जाता है। अक्षय गौरव की शुरूआत नये लेखकों, साहित्यकारों, कवियों को एक मंच उपलब्ध कराने के लिए किया गया है। ताकि उनकी उभरती हुई नई सोच और नजरिये को सामाजिक बुराईयों व कुरीतियों के खिलाफ आवाज उठाने के लिए बुलंद किया जा सके। इस पत्रिका का उद्देश्य साहित्यिक एवं सामाजिक लेखों को निष्पक्ष रूप से प्रकाशित करना है। इस मंच पर आप सभी ब्लॉगरो, लेखकों, साहित्यकार, कवियों एवं व्यंग्यकारों का स्वागत है।

Al Arabi

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مجلة شهرية ثقافية مصورة يكتبها عرب ليقرأها كل العرب وقد تأسست في عام 1958 ،تصدرها وزارة الإعلام في دولة الكويت

AL Arabi Book

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كتاب العربي هو كتاب سنوي ثقافي مرسوم و مصور يكتبه عرب ليقرأه كل العرب وهو يتبع لمجلة العربي التي تأسست في عام 1958 ،تصدرها وزارة الإعلام في دولة الكوت

All About Beer Magazine

SKU: Mag-13103

All About Beer Magazine is America’s leading beer magazine, dedicated to covering the people, places, news, trends and events that define the beer community. For more than 35 years, it’s been our mission to celebrate the world of beer culture and enrich the lives of beer lovers through education, enjoyment and events like the World Beer Festivals.

All About History UK

SKU: Mag-15255

Bringing the past alive today!, All About History is the stunningly realised new magazine from the makers of How It Works and All About Space. Featuring beautiful illustrations, photos and graphics depicting everything from ancient civilisations to the Cold War, All About History is accessible and entertaining to all and makes history fun for the whole family.

Allen & Houston Magazine

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Creativity. Passion. Humanity.

Passion drives us to move forward and become the best versions of ourselves. At Allen & Houston Magazine, we capture that passion through our community’s creativity and actions. This expands our perceptions and inspires true empathy. By growing our mentality, we form a brighter world.

This change cannot come without taking care of our mental health – a major aspect of our lives that is rarely spoken about. Our mission is to bring mental health awareness through art and our shared journeys, inspiring everyone to take action and make change.

Let Passion Be Our Motivation

Ama Janajaati

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Shubhdristi published the e-magazine “Ama Janajaati” on tribal culture with the aim of glorifying the greatness of our tribal culture through literature.

American Fine Art Magazine

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American Fine Art Magazine is the first publication to offer complete and comprehensive coverage of the upcoming shows, auctions and events of this market so deeply tied to American history, society and culture.

Amman Dharsanam

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Amman Dharsanam is an international monthly Tamil journal for Indian Culture & Life style. Publised since September,1990 with the blessings of Sringeri Sri Sankaracharyal H.H.Bharathee Theertha Mahaswamigal. This is our SILVER JUBLEE YEAR.


SKU: Mag-6523

AMRAPAALI is the monthly magazine on Arts, Culture and Heritage. It traverses through some amazing artistic and cultural diaspora.

This is where all performers, learners, organisers and connoisseurs meet!


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A Tamil literary magazine published monthly.

Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt, written by experts in the field of Egyptology, is a lively informative global magazine appealing to Egyptology professionals and anyone with an interest in this fascinating early civilisation. Published bimonthly, this glossy well-presented magazine brings readers up to date with the latest news, discoveries, excavations and research into the history of Egypt from Predynastic times through to the modern era. There are in-depth articles on the building of the pyramids, the lives of the great Pharaohs, brewing and agriculture, health and disease, gods and goddesses, tombs and temples and ancient Egyptian art and culture. Find out about great Egyptologists and explorers, and ancient priests and peasants; discover more about Egyptian technology and the latest DNA and scanning techniques. How did Tutankhamun die? How did hieroglyphic writing work? What did ancient Egyptians eat for breakfast? All this plus guides to museum collections, reviews of the latest books and interactive media and event listings for all UK Egyptology Societies and major worldwide conferences and exhibitions. Love ancient Egypt? Then Ancient Egypt is the must-have magazine for you!

Anjali, BATJ

SKU: Mag-8488

Anjali is the yearly Tokyo Durga Puja magazine. This is a multilingual literary magazine published during Durga Puja (one of the most important festivals of India) in Bengali, English, Hindi, and Japanese languages. With the desire and help of the Indian community in Tokyo, the Embassy of India in Tokyo, the enthusiastic children , the authors and artists, the advertisers, Bengali Association of Tokyo, Japan (BATJ) and many more, we publish Anjali annually.


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Annahda Bimonthly is one of the well established Arabic Magazines published from India. Since it’s launching on August 2006 the magazine has been providing the valuable reading experience to its readers community.

Anubad Patrika

SKU: Mag-13655

Anubad Patrika is 43 years old bengali quarterly magazine which only works on literature translations from various languages to Bengali. Anubad Patrika is Ananda Puroshkar, Bangla Academy and Mata Kusumkumari International award winner magazine.


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Each issue of Archaeology offers the grit, and the magic, of archaeological discovery with an up-close view of sites around the world. Readers can look forward to the latest news, vivid storytelling, and compelling photography. Archaeology brings the human past to life.


SKU: Mag-28325

Argument la revue qui donne la parole aux artistes
ARGUMENT est éditée par l’association éponyme et ne comporte aucune publicité.

Le projet de la revue Argument est né de l’idée de réunir des œuvres, un public de lecteurs et des artistes, présents à travers des interviews, et de concevoir le tout comme une exposition collective en plaçant les artistes au centre du propos.

Nous voulons créer un lien direct entre le public, les œuvres et l’artiste.

Ce sont les artistes qui comptent avant tout : ils écrivent le monde avec la matière, nous font partager leurs visions, leurs rêves, jouant des formes et des couleurs. Ils rayonnent de poésie, de sagesse et d’émotions.

Donner la parole aux artistes, c’est consacrer les trois quarts des pages de la publication à la reproduction de leurs œuvres et les faire parler eux-mêmes de leur travail. Ce sont eux qui sont les plus légitimes pour en parler !

Vous n’y trouverez aucune publicité, c’est un choix délibéré pour garder notre indépendance.

Souhaitons que la lecture des articles vous incite à prendre votre vélo, un train, votre voiture, un avion et à venir rendre visite aux artistes dans leurs ateliers !

Ariana Magazine

SKU: Mag-24861

Explore the beautiful side of Afghanistan with Ariana Magazine. Ariana Magazine features the content on the Afghan culture, history, people, art and much more.


SKU: Mag-6285

ART REPUBLIK is Singapore’s premier quarterly magazine for the art enthusiast. The magazine is focused on Southeast Asian artists and other key players in the art community, especially on up-and-comers from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, with an eye on what’s happening in Asia and the rest of the world. It aims to provide an inclusive and expansive exploration of the art world, from public museums to commercial galleries, and from policy-makers to artists as activists. With the tagline ‘Elitism for All’, the magazine provides insightful and engaging articles to inform and entertain, and is committed to making art accessible to one and all.

Art Soul Life

SKU: Mag-10566

Art Soul Life is an all-colour 72-page quarterly magazine that aims to promote art in the country. It is an initiative to educate and make aware artists and art lovers alike of contemporary art and the huge treasure of Indian art that we have, but are oblivious to.


SKU: Mag-16272

ARTDISTRICTS is a Florida publication focused on promoting the visual arts. ARTDISTRICTS supports the local and regional art scenes with up-to-date articles, interviews, reviews, news and calendars covering the most significant events and exhibitions.
Every two months, a new issue of ARTDISTRICTS is available at galleries, museums, art centers, and artist studios throughout Florida; it is also distributed in up-scale hotels and condominiums. ARTDISTRICTS is an invaluable reference for residents and visitors.

ARTE AL DIA International

SKU: Mag-11013

Published in a bilingual edition (English/Spanish) since 1980, ARTE AL DIA International reports on contemporary Latin American art.
Based in Miami, Florida, it has a circulation of 25,000, distributed all over the Americas, with four issues per year.
The magazine features the profile of mid-career and established artists through different essays written by internationally renowned art critics.
ARTE AL DIA International also presents a section devoted to museum exhibitions, as well as others featuring interviews with prestigious curators and/or collectors, and reviews of the best exhibitions of contemporary Latin American art worldwide.


SKU: Mag-16479

To know the Indian culture and tradition in an artistic way. This magazine deals with food, culture, travel, art, and everything about India


SKU: Mag-13170

We are a magazine focused on the international art scene aiming to bring to art collectors as well as keen spectators, a new perspective and understanding of the sometimes riddling contemporary art scene. With headquarters in Paris and an international team, our goal is to embrace the pulse of globalization and to produce content of the best quality.


SKU: Mag-16269

ARTPULSE is a quarterly magazine specializing in contemporary art It offers a panorama of trends, personalities, exhibitions and events that make up the international art landscape. It is a forum for expression that seeks to foster ties among galleries, artists, collectors, art critics, curators, scholars and museum professionals. ARTPULSE contains various sections including interviews, theoretical essays, articles, news, exhibition and book reviews. With each issue, the magazine endeavors to generate reflection, controversy and dialogue.